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Distributer/dealer of m/s. EBM PAPST INDIA PVT LTD Centrifugal Fan Manufacturer,Axial Fan Motor Supplier M. S ENTERPRISES located in Patel Nagar new Delhi, is created by a group of like-minded industry veteran and is a professional businesses of R&D and manufacturing DC and AC external rotor centrifugal fan and axial fan . Products are widely used in heating, air conditioning ,refrigeration ,air purification, telecommunications, electric power and other industries. AIRFLOW covering an existing plant area 10000 square meters of production and R&D center about 1000 square meters. Employees are about 100 people, including R&D staff about 40 people. Annual production capacity is about 600,000 units. We have a very good R&D environment, strong technical force and professional manufacturing equipment. We adhere to the principle of “high start and high standard”. We regard “Create a fresh space” as our mission, pursuing eternally for “Customer satisfaction” .We focus on energy-saving technology, and strive to energy-saving fan. Partner: – EBM-Papst, ebm nadi , ebm papst international Fans-Tech, Maer micro- motor, elco motor

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We are MS Enterprises Group distributer/dealer of M/s EBM PAPST INDIA PVT LTD. Supplying fans, motor & blowers. By providing optimum application and system solutions to manufacturers of IT & Telecom, Ventilation, Refrigerator, Air-Conditioning, Drive Systems, Automotives, Rail Technology, Medical, Windmills, etc

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Noida, Greater Noida, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Rudrapur, Haridwar, Gurgaon, Manesar , Rewari, Dharuhera, Bawal, Neemrana, Chennai, Nasik , Mumabai, Pune, Bokaro steel city, Jamshedpur,vijayawada, Chandigarh, ranchi, ludhiana, Panipat, Gujrat,Pitampur, indore, Bhopal, satna,etc.

Ebm Papst Fans Manufacture & Distributors in Delhi, india

A fan is one of the basic electrical appliances in every house. We can’t think of a day without the fan. It’s a primary cooling appliance found in almost every home in India. Though AC’s trending but nothing can replace fans. Here, I am going to discuss about a prominent fan manufacturing company. Which will help you to gain some idea about choosing the right fan for your home. The ebm-papst Inc. is the top most popular and largest fan and blower company in the world. It is in the top position in the air moving industry. It has huge popularity and wide coverage all over India. They are known for their superior quality and modern technology.

Ebm-papst Fans, Motors, Blowers Supplier in Delhi NCR

MSE Fan Blower, our company is one of the ebm papst fans distributors in India. We are the seller and dealer of the world’s largest supplier of DC as well as AC fans. Modern problems should have modern solutions. Considering the need of industry and household we offer a wide range of products. Being an mse fan blower distributor or dealer of M/s EBM PAPST INDIA PVT LTD. Our main motive is to supply fans, motor & blowers of top-quality. We are keen to provide quality application and system solutions to various manufacturers including IT & Telecom, Ventilation, Refrigerator, Air-Conditioning, Drive System, Rail Technology, Medical, Windmills and many more.

We are authorised dealer & manufacturer of Ebm papst fan in Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai & Delhi NCR and other parts of India. Given below are some products offered by Ebm Papst which you can simply browse and purchase from our website-

1. Ebm papst axial fans- ebm papst offer a wide range of Axial fans. These are ideal for high air performance along with moderate pressure build-up. The flow of air through the axial fan blades is exactly parallel to the rotation axis. As said earlier, ebm-papst offers a wide selection of AC and DC compact fans – from 25 to 280 mm. These are extremely flat. You can choose according to your requirement. But the quality is guaranteed of all the axial fans. You should check the Ebm papst fans price list for a better choice.

2. Ebm papst centrifugal fans- centrifugal fans come in various style and sizes. It’s perfectly suitable for applications requiring high pressures or rapidly changing airflow including the respirators or ventilators, extraction systems, and various packaging machines. These fans can be used in the medical field also for sleep apnea devices or Respiration and breathing equipment. And for Industry these fans can be used for fuel cell, Smoke detectors or packaging machines.

3. Ebm papst circular and rectangular inline fans- These fans can be used in intake or exhaust air ventilation systems or the applications where noise level are more concerned and restricted space for mounting. These are available in various dimensions. Quality product and easy to install. They have low sound levels and they are operational in both 50 and 60 HZ. So don’t forget to consider our EBM Fan Supplier in Delhi NCR if you are looking for a quality fan in Delhi.

4. Ebm papst Compact fans- Compact fans comes in many styles which where mentioned above. We have both type AC and DC. The target of satisfying our customers and Uncompromising with the quality is the main reason of ebm-papst being the best. The DC fans, are powered with a power of constant value like the voltage of a battery and the normal voltage values for DC fans are, 5V, 12V, 24V, and 48V whereas the altered current fans, or AC fans, are running with an alternating voltage of positive and of an identical negative value and also differ in frequency and size. Along with ebm papst fans and motors we also have a good range of other developing accessories.

Therefore I would like to conclude by mentioning that we are manufacturer of the best quality Compact fans in India and ebm papst fans distributor in India.

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